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Cincinnati OH Tri-State MEAT Up at Eli’s BBQ!

Let’s get together at Eli’s BBQ in Cincinnati, Ohio! This local gem has 2 locations, one at Findlay Market and one at Riverside. We are meeting at the Riverside location (3313 Riverside Drive). This location has inside and outside seating, and it is first-come, first-serve, but 2 pm puts us at their slowest time of the day. So if we know you’re coming, we’ll save you a seat! Here’s the menu, if you like to plan ahead: https://www.elisbarbeque.com/menu
RSVP to Karen Burton at KarenSueBurton20@gmail.com


DFW Meat Up

This is an event for those who eat carnivore or ketovore and want to meet others who do the same. This is a casual event pulled together so can make new friends, share our journeys, and have a bit of camaraderie.

The meat up will be held at:
Cooper’s Old Time BBQ
301 Stockyards Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76164


Carnivore Chat for Women

Let’s chat all things carnivore: health, weight, exercise, and mindset. This group is on Sunday evenings at 8pm EST, women only. It will be a place to talk about things we have found that works – to share our knowledge with one another.

You must RSVP at suzi@meathealedme.com

A little bit about me: I have been a strict carnivore since July 2022 and healed many things. Through becoming carnivore, I learned that I was an addict and not very in touch with my feelings. So, when I got rid of sugar, processed foods, and plants, my mind cleared and I became euphoric. Maybe it was the fat too?

Anyway, the love between my husband I skyrocketed and we were like kids again. So in love. Then he died 4 months later. Since then I have been re-discovering myself while walking through the deep trenches of grief. And recently, I discovered that I have CIRS, a mold illness. I am currently seeing Dr. Lawson and being advised by the Nutrition with Judy team. Soon, I am starting NwJ Mind Body program, which includes limbic training.

I believe community and connection is core in healing and I hope to see you on Sunday evenings. Questions? Email me at suzi@meathealedme.com

City Bbq B

Cincinnati Ohio Tri-State MEAT Up at City BBQ

Come MEAT up with us at City BBQ at Eastgate, on the east side of Cincinnati, 30 minutes from either Kings Island or CVG airport.

Address is 878 Eastgate North Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio

Take I275 to State Route 32 East. Go about 1 mile and then turn left onto Glen Este-Withamsville Rd. Turn left at the first light onto Eastgate North Drive. City Barbeque is on your right.

Plenty of great PHD foods on the menu, including meat by the pound! Here is a link to their menu if you like to plan ahead. https://www.citybbq.com/location/eastgate/menu/meats-by-the-pound/meat-by-the-half-pound

Let’s practice being PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) together and share our stories.

Carnivore Summit Banner

Carnivore Summit

Welcome to the first annual virtual Carnivore Summit featuring more than 40 interviews with industry experts regarding the science and power of animal-based and carnivore diets as a therapeutic dietary intervention. Each interview discusses different important health topics and the latest research in the context of the low-carb, keto, and carnivore ways of eating. Discover all of the incredible health and wellness benefits of this holistic dietary approach from specialists in various fields ranging from metabolic disease to nutritional psychiatry.

Founded by Judy Cho, from Nutrition with Judy, the Carnivore Summit was created as a free resource for both medical practitioners and those suffering from chronic illness. We strive to advocate awareness around carnivore diets, providing hope for healing and thriving with this powerful elimination tool. Backed by centuries of combined experience in clinical practice, clinical research, and anecdotal data, our purpose is to empower our community with accessible education and resources they need to live their best lives. The Carnivore Summit was born from our mission to make healing and wellness accessible for everyone.

NorthEast Meatup

NorthEast MeatUp

Tickets and details on the event website at https://carnivoredoctor.bigcartel.com/product/4th-annual-nj-northeast-meatup-hosted-by-dr-lisa-wiedeman

Dr. Lisa Wiedeman invites you to join her and special guests Kelly Hogan, Dr Robert Kiltz and Fred Hahn (author of best seller Slow Burn Fitness w Dr Michael Eades) and other amazing meat eaters for an extremely memorable meal.
We’re all looking forward to meeting you!!!

Shark River Park Picnic Pavillion
1101 Schoolhouse Rd, Wall Township, NJ 07753
12:00 to 4:00 PM Saturday 7/22/23

Non-carnivore friends and spouses are more than welcome to attend!!!