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Metabolic Health Conference India

Information and more can be found at the event website: https://live.imagicahealth.com/mch2023

India’s 1st Low Carb Conference

Shaping Dreams from 2017 to 2023

Metabolic Health Conference is the brainchild of Shashikant Iyengar from Metabolic Health India and Anup Singh from dLife.in. They are the trailblazers who have brought this groundbreaking conference to India.

METABOLIC HEALTH CONFERENCE aims to bring to India the leading medical doctors and low-carb organizations from around the world to delve into the science behind low-carb nutrition.

The objective is to introduce an alternative approach to combat the epidemic of metabolic disorders in India. A path that requires fewer pills or no pills for managing conditions like Type 2 diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and more.

We will explore and showcase the low-carb, Ketogenic, and carnivore approaches for addressing metabolic disorders. These experts will engage in live discussions.

The theme of the 1st event is – Low Carb Across the Globe.
Medical Drs representing 14 countries will be appearing as guests in this conference.

There are no registration fees for this event, as we have made it entirely free for individuals in India and around the world to participate.

This conference will be conducted virtually, accessible through a dedicated portal, and will also be livestreamed on YouTube.

The dates of the conference are 27th, 28th & 29th Oct 2023
Dates: 27th, 28th, & 29th Oct 2023
Timings: 11am – 11pm on 27th & 28th (India time)
9 am – 9 pm on 29th Oct’23 (India time)

The registration link is https://live.imagicahealth.com/mch2023

The Youtube link is

Carnivore Summit Banner

Carnivore Summit

Welcome to the first annual virtual Carnivore Summit featuring more than 40 interviews with industry experts regarding the science and power of animal-based and carnivore diets as a therapeutic dietary intervention. Each interview discusses different important health topics and the latest research in the context of the low-carb, keto, and carnivore ways of eating. Discover all of the incredible health and wellness benefits of this holistic dietary approach from specialists in various fields ranging from metabolic disease to nutritional psychiatry.

Founded by Judy Cho, from Nutrition with Judy, the Carnivore Summit was created as a free resource for both medical practitioners and those suffering from chronic illness. We strive to advocate awareness around carnivore diets, providing hope for healing and thriving with this powerful elimination tool. Backed by centuries of combined experience in clinical practice, clinical research, and anecdotal data, our purpose is to empower our community with accessible education and resources they need to live their best lives. The Carnivore Summit was born from our mission to make healing and wellness accessible for everyone.

Low Carb Living Summit

Low Carb Living Summit

More information at the event website: https://lowcarblivingsummit.com

A FREE 5-day online summit specifically geared towards women in the 40’s and beyond. Each day will address a different topic, including Low Carb Basics, Health & Hormones, Breaking through Plateaus, the Low Carb Lifestyle, and Becoming Thin Adapted. More than 25 expert speakers will be featured, including Maria Emmerich, Leanne Vogel, Dr. Edie Wadsworth, Dr. Ken Berry, Mike Collins, Tess Masters, and many more. Hosted by Ruth Soukup and Thinlicious.com

Low Carb Denver 2023

Low Carb Denver 2023

Information and tickets: https://lowcarbconferences.com/

Low Carb Denver 2023, Feb 23-26 is the largest conference of its kind, providing a unique educational opportunity addressing the latest science and nutritional approaches including Low Carb, Keto, Low Carb Mediterranean, High Protein, Carnivore, Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb Vegetarian. There is also a focus on diabetes, heart disease, obesity, chronic disease and the role of nutrition as it relates to management, treatment and prevention. A host of world low carb leaders will be gathering to present including doctors, researchers, scientists and nutritionists to name a few.

The conference is open to all including the general public, healthcare and non-healthcare professionals, researchers, scientists, citizen scientists, policy makers, health and fitness enthusiasts, exhibitors and sponsors. CME for healthcare professionals. Our content continues to address the latest nutrition science, research, evidence, clinical and practical approaches. Another great opportunity for a diverse group to learn, meet distinguished guests, network, socialize and participate, all under one roof and in-person.

The event is once again hosted at the Gaylord Rockies Resort conveniently located near to Denver International Airport. Consider bringing colleagues, friends and family to this wonderful destination resort. Best rates on hotel rooms will be available. Join us for skiing in the mountains following the conference.

If you are a non-physician healthcare professional, we understand that many organizations accept AAFP prescribed credit/AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s)™. Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetic Educators may use these hours for CE/CPE/CEU. Please check with your organization regarding educational credit.

CME Learning Objectives

AAFP Prescribed credit is accepted by the American Medical Association as equivalent to AMA PRA Category 1 credit(s)™ toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award.

We adhere to all national, state and local policies regarding Covid-19.

“The Right Foods can be Powerful like Medicine”

Ketofest 2022

Ketofest 2022

Info and tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ketofest-2022-tickets-322501579907

Ketofest 2022 is a food and science festival celebrating the low-carb lifestyle taking place in New London, CT July 15th and 16th.

About this event

 Ketofest 2022! image

Ketofest 2022 is hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Morris from the 2 Keto Dudes podcast. There have been three previous Ketofests in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

In the past, Ketofest was spread out over two days and all over the town. This year, we’re packing everything into Saturday, July 16th, with a VIP party on Friday the 15th. All of the events will be at RD86 Space.

 Ketofest 2022! image

Cooking Demos and Tastings

Keto cooking demos with tastings have always been a part of Ketofest and this year is no different.

 Ketofest 2022! image

If you can’t find a space up close, you can watch on TV monitors everywhere. You can also watch on your laptop, phone, or another mobile device. Everyone can get a taste! There’s always something yummy being served.

 Ketofest 2022! image

Street Party!

This year, we’re closing the street outside of RD86 for an outdoor barbeque (brisket and ribs!), a live band, and plenty of places to sit, eat, and mingle.

 Ketofest 2022! image
 Ketofest 2022! image

Expert Talks

It wouldn’t be Ketofest without expert presentations on various keto-related subjects.

 Ketofest 2022! image

Talks will be presented upstairs in the RD86 loft. Space in the loft is limited to 50, and you can only attend in-person if you purchase a VIP ticket. However, all the talks will be streamed to TVs everywhere on the property, and you can watch them on your personal device as well.

 Ketofest 2022! image

After each talk, the speaker will come down to the street level to answer questions.

Wine Tastings

Right around the corner from RD86, Thames River Winery will be doing wine tastings on Friday and Saturday.

 Ketofest 2022! image

Local Restaurants

Local restaurants like Hot Rods Cafe are hip to keto and will be offering ketogenic fare all weekend.

 Ketofest 2022! image


We are offering three levels of tickets: All-Access PassGeneral Admission, and Live Stream Only.

Only the All-Access Pass holders are allowed to see the talks in person due to space restrictions, and there are only 50 of them. Everyone will be able to watch the talks on TV monitors, and the speakers will be available for Q&A after their talks. The speakers will also be around all day, so chances are that you can catch them in a one-on-one conversation. VIP tickets are $350.

General Admission ticket holders get access to the entire event except for the VIP party on Friday night and in-person talks (see above). We have 250 of these available, and the cost is $200.

Live Stream Only ticket holders can watch the live stream, which will include talks, cooking demos, and a roaming camera. We have a virtually unlimited number of these tickets, and the cost is $50.

Restrictions and Refund Policy

We are requiring proof of COVID vaccination at the event. If you do not show satisfactory proof of vaccination, you will be turned away, and your ticket fee will not be refunded.

Up until two weeks before the event, if unforeseen circumstances require us to cancel it, your ticket fee will be refunded.

Proper Human Diet Summit

Proper Human Diet Summit (FREE stream!)

Access the FRE live stream of the event at https://youtu.be/zC3wevXBRJg

Info and tickets: https://phdvirtualsummit.com/

We are excited to provide a community that serves as the catalyst for those who want to follow the PHD lifestyle, around the world to easily build the healthy life you want.

Gain the cohesive expertise you need to rapidly accelerate your lifestyle and take control of your health journey. Experience top speakers, panels and groundbreaking content that brings out the best in us despite any medical condition.

Join us in the proper environment for everything you need to optimize your future and make a serious health impact.

Keto Diet Summit Logo Copy

Keto Diet Summit 2022

Leading Keto Diet Experts Share Their Best Tips, Tricks, Strategies and Secrets to…
Lose Weight, Breakthrough Plateaus & make Keto Easy!
It’s time to take the guesswork out of keto!
Online Event | February 25th – 27th

Marriot in Boca Raton, FL

Low Carb Boca 2024

Tickets and info: https://www.lowcarbusa.org/smhp-symposiums/boca-2024/ref/33/

This Incredible Conference Includes

  • Open to the public as well as practitioners.
  • In-Person AND Livestream options with event videos available afterwards to all.
  • Awesome Low Carb dinners each night, included with your registration.
  • Ample LIVE Q&A time after each presentation to get YOUR questions answered.
  • 20.75 Prescribed Category 1 CME credits available.
  • 4 Years CEU credit for NASN practitioners
  • Additional bonus breakout talks and Q&As with other leaders in the ketogenic/low carb community.  There will be a chance here to interact with our sponsors.
  • The always compelling and thought provoking Final Panel is a can’t miss Sunday afternoon.
  • Health and Wellness Coaches, Personal Trainers, Sports Enthusiasts, and Citizen Scientists all welcome.
Reversed TV Series

Reversed TV Series – Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Low Carb Documentary

Be sure to mark your calendar for Sept 24! Catch the release of Reversed on GlewedTV. We are so excited to bring you this season as we use keto, low carb, and intermittent fasting to help change the lives of ones living with type 2 diabetes.

It will be available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, and Android Devices for the first airings! You can download the GlewedTV app on iPhone or Android, and also watch it on http://www.glewed.tv/

The producer tells us it will be sold to many different networks over the coming year and will be watched by millions of folks. This will lend new credibility to keto in many people’s eyes, and will give you an excellent tool to share with friends and family who need to fix their health!

Low Carb International All Stars 2021 – virtual

Low Carb International All Stars 2021 is a two day online conference, featuring a stellar cast of low carb presenters. The academic credentials of this lineup are impressive, including 2 professors, 14 medical doctors and 3 doctors of philosophy (PhD’s), amongst numerous other degrees.
The high quality of presenters ensures that lectures will be solidly supported by science, while at the same time being accessible to members of the public. This conference is suitable both for those new to low carbohydrate diets and to those already knowledgeable.