Utah Keto Fair

The Utah Keto Fair is a blast!

“The Utah Keto Fair is a fun place where Keto Friends become a Keto Family!“

The Utah Keto Fair is a place where we come together to learn about health, wellness and how to look good while feeling good at the same time!

Low Carb New York 2020

Low Carb New York 2020

This event is organized by Dr. Tro Kalayjian in partnership with Intensive Dietary Management/The Fasting Method (IDM/TFM) & LowCarbUSA.
We invite you to attend our inaugural Low Carb New York event July 16, 17, 18, & 19, 2020. The conference is open to all, including the general public, health, nutrition and fitness enthusiasts, the scientific community, policymakers and healthcare professionals.

This groundbreaking conference will feature keynotes and presentations on topics relating to low carb, keto, and fasting from some of the field’s leading experts and medical professionals. Speakers include Tro Kalayjian, Brian Lenzkes, Megan Ramos, Jason Fung, Nadia Pateguana, Ben Bickman, Nina Teicholz, Nadir Ali, and Christian Assad (plus 3 more TBD).

A VIP Breakfast will be held Sunday, July 19 (Limit 100 attendees–must purchase ticket option that includes VIP Breakfast)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) up to 14 hours included with registration (must purchase CME ticket).

The conference will be held at the spectacular HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center, located in Palisades, NY. The nearby river towns of Piermont-on-the-Hudson and Nyack offer five-star restaurants, art galleries, shopping, antiquing and more. If it’s the big city you seek, the excitement of Manhattan is only 20 minutes away.

Schedule of Events:

  • Thursday July 16: Evening mixer event for registrants and speakers, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Cash bar.
  • July 17 &18: 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Full Day Itinerary TBA
  • July 19: VIP Breakfast beginning at 9:00 am. (limit 100 attendees, must purchase ticket option that includes VIP Breakfast)

Prices in USD:

  • Friday & Saturday General admission: $280.00 (if purchased before Feb. 1)
  • Friday & Saturday with CME: $375.00 (if purchased before Feb. 1
  • Friday & Saturday General Admission plus VIP Breakfast (limit of 100 people): $380.00
  • Friday & Saturday with CME plus VIP breakfast (limit of 100 people): $475.00
  • Friday Only General Admission: $215.00
  • Vendor Inquiries: For more information, please email: contact@doctortro.com


For conference rates, call the HNA Palisades Premier Conference Center at (845) 732-6000 and mention that you’re booking a room for the Low Carb New York 2020 Conference.

Hashtag: #LowCarbNY

Adapt North Atlanta – Low Carb Keto Living in the 21st Century


About this Event

On the road to health and weight loss success, every one of us hits a block. There are two options:

To give up and settle for less OR.. ADAPT and change.

It’s time to UNlearn and REthink everything you ‘think’ you know! Chances are you’re eating the wrong foods based on outdated information. If you’re tired of endless diets that don’t work, sugar cravings you can’t control, confusing information as to what’s healthy and what’s not…

Then join us on March 21st, 2020 in North Atlanta, for a fun-filled day of education based on the scientific therapeutic benefits of a low-carb lifestyle. Discover the latest updates, techniques and troubleshooting strategies from leading experts, Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Jeff McDaniel, Dr. David Jockers and Jimmy Moore as they share the most up-to-date information on ‘nutrition as therapy’.

You will learn how to rid yourself of inflammation the right way and heal your body to achieve astounding results. You will learn how and why many chronic diseases are preventable, and in many cases, reversible, through eating the right Nutrition. What you eat matters, and is often more powerful than most medications, (which simply treat the symptom and not the cause).

You will hear amazing success stories from people that have had life-changing results of their own. How they were finally able to take control of their weight and their health, how their obsessive food/sugar cravings became virtually nonexistent and how they were able to reverse their chronic disease by adopting a low-carb lifestyle. They will leave you feeling motivated and inspired, and more importantly help you to change your mindset so that you can achieve major success of your own.

Meet and mingle with like-minded people in your community, chat to the speakers, make new friends, and most importantly, get the support you need to succeed! You are not alone!

Together, let’s ADAPT!


  • Nutrition as Therapy. How do Carbohydrates, sugars, refined and processed foods lead to insulin resistance, inflammation and chronic metabolic disease?
  • How to prevent and in most cases reverse, chronic conditions that come with obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension and many more.
  • The relationship between a low-carb lifestyle and the science. What does that mean? Is this right for me?
  • What causes a weight loss STALL, how to break it, and the most effective way of becoming a FAT burning machine!
  • How to control your sugar cravings for life! Is that possible? How eating a diet of low-carb nutrition is easy to sustain forever. (Almost everything is ‘ketofiable’)
  • Intermittent Fasting – Should I incorporate this into my lifestyle and if so, how often?
  • Cholesterol markers – What is high cholesterol? Do I need to be concerned?
  • Nutrition and Mental Health issues. How important is nutrition for mental health?
  • 1-hour workshop with Dr Ken Berry
  • Plenty of Q & A


Dr. Jeffrey McDanielMD

  • Earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.
  • He completed his residency in family practice at the Medical Center of Columbus, Georgia, where he served as Chief Resident.
  • Dr. McDaniel is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association, the CME committee, the Obesity Action Coalition and the Canadian Obesity Network.
  • He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.
  • Dr. McDaniel specializes in obesity medicine and is dedicated to the comprehensive care of patients with obesity.
  • He provides comprehensive assessment and treatment of patients with lifestyle changes, medication and coordination of care with other providers.
  • He offers in office basal metabolic rate measurement as well as a body composition scale. These tools assist in maximizing fat loss while minimizing muscle loss and determining how to readjust treatment if a patient reaches a weight loss plateau.

Dr. David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

  • Is a doctor of natural medicine, a functional nutritionist and corrective care chiropractor at his clinic, The Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia.
  • He runs one of the hottest health websites that has over 1 million visitors each month. Dr Jockers is the developer of a best selling e-course, called “Navigating The Keto Diet” and also hosts multiple podcasts such as “The Keto Edge Summit” and the “Fasting Transformation Summit”.
  • His work has been seen on popular media such as ABC, Fox News & The Dr. Oz Show.
  • Dr Jockers is passionate and committed to what he does, which is helping people with disease prevention, among other things, through Nutrition.

Dr. Ken Berry MD

  • Is a practicing board certified physician, best-selling author, and passionate advocate of health/diet/lifestyle on his YouTube channel where he has over 300,000 subscribers.
  • For over a decade, as a Family Physician, he has battled the epidemics of Obesity, Insulin Resistance and type 2 Diabetes one patient at a time.
  • Along with his online presence, Dr. Berry is known for his direct, no- nonsense approach to health and wellness.
  • He enjoys working with the real people of the world in continuing his mission to bring an end to the obesity and Type II diabetes epidemics, along with bringing awareness to such issues as thyroid health and hormone optimization.

Jimmy Moore

  • Jimmy Moore, veteran health podcaster, dynamic speaker, and international bestselling author of KETO CLARITY and THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO FASTING
  • Podcaster behind The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show, Keto Talk with Jimmy Moore & Dr. Will Cole, and JIMMY RANTS

Utah Keto Fair 2019

Utah Keto Fair Flyer

Utah Keto Fair is a fun place
“Where keto friends become keto family”
Where we learn about health and wellness,
and how to look good and feel good,
We also have a kids corner with,
that’s right… SANTA.

Utah Keto Fair is on November 9th 2019
Located at DaVinci Academy

2033 Grant Ave, Ogden, Utah 84401
Registration starts at 8am
First speaker starts at 9am

We will have vendors with amazing products, information, and opportunities.
With time in-between speakers and a lunch break for you to have plenty of time to check them all out.

Adapt San Antonio, TX

On the road to health and weight loss success, every one of us hits a block. There are two options:
To give up and settle for less, OR… To ADAPT and change!

Join us for a full day of fun and low-carb education at ADAPT SAN ANTONIO, TX on October 19th. Dr. Eric Westman, (in partnership with Ali Miller, Cynthia Miller & Dr. Michael Garrett)

Topics include:

  • Insulin resistance, inflammation, and chronic metabolic disease and how they can be reversed.
  • Most effective and fastest way to lose weight and become a FAT burning machine!
  • How to control your sugar cravings by eating the right foods.
  • How to sustain the keto and low-carb diet long term.
  • How to get past a STALL. (Quickest way to kick start your metabolism)

People with amazing success stories will share their inspirational stories with you.
Book Purchase/Signing with Ali Miller.
Meet the speakers, make new friends, find support and enjoy a day of low carb education with us!

The Fat Adapted-Low Carb Athlete Meet Up

The Fat Adapted-Low Carb Athlete Meet Up

Do you want to learn how we train the WHOLE athlete from the inside out to become fat adapted? Do you want to improve your metabolic flexibility and metabolic efficiency? How about improve performance gains, recovery and longevity?

Join The Prof” Dr. Paul Laursen (from www.plewsandprof.com) and Coach Debbie Potts of The WHOLE Athlete Podcast (www.debbiepotts.net) in Ironman Hawaii and a new online webinar coming this October.

Are you heading to Kona this October to watch or participate in Ironman Hawaii World Championship?

Paul Laursen and myself are organizing a MEET UP at Ironman Hawaii to talk about how to become a fat adapted athlete, improve metabolic efficiency and optimizing health.

Do you want to improve your PERFORMANCE and LONGEVITY in the endurance world and triathlons as IRONMAN!

  • Are you a sugar burner or a fat burner?
  • Are you breaking down your body or building it up?
  • Are you speeding up the aging progress or improving the process?
  • Are you struggling with chornic fatigue, weight gain and poor recovery?

Life is Not a Race… it is a Journey. Learn how to train the WHOLE you to improve your performance and longevity this October at Ironman Hawaii and a free online webinar October 30th. Paul Laursen, the “Prof”, will be joining me at Ironman Hawaii for our FAT ADAPTED ATHLETE meet up as well as other low carb fat adapted coaches and fans! Join the journey on training the WHOLE Athlete from the inside out.


4:00 PM Welcome, introductions and mingle with Debbie and Paul

4:15 PM – 4:45 PM Paul Laursen- brief background, first principles, why become fat adapted athlete and benefits. Fat fuel vs. sugar fuel – carb timing.

4:45 PM – 5:00 PM Matt Bach of Generation UCAN – how to use UCAN and still be fat adapted

5:00 PM – 5:30 PM Debbie Potts- The WHOLESTIC Method elements to train the WHOLE Athlete to burn fat and avoid chronic fatigue

5:30 PM-6:00 PM raffle drawing, mingle and additional speakers

Who is Dr. Paul Laursen? The Prof.

Low Carb Researcher, Adjunct Professor at AUT University, Elite Endurance Coach, Co-Founder of HIIT Science

  • Dr. Paul Laursen resides at the nexus between exercise performance research, theory and application.
  • He is an Adjunct Professor of Exercise Physiology at AUT University in New Zealand where he leads research into low carb diet and its performance applications.
  • Dr. Laursen has published over 130 peer-reviewed papers and is a co-founder of HIIT Science, which serves to teach The Science and Application of High-Intensity Interval Training (see book and online course).
  • He coaches a select number of elite triathletes and is the inventor of Floe Bottle, which enables ice slushy delivery for hot racing conditions.

Who is Debbie Potts?

With the passion and mission to ‘Train WHOLE Athlete” from the Inside Out, Debbie Potts has been helping many people achieve optimal health for over 25 years through her unique “The WHOLESTIC Method” Coaching program. She has been a fitness studio owner, top personal trainer, group exercise instructor, triathlon coach, run coach, podcaster, speaker and book author.

Debbie started racing Ironman triathlons on and off until Ironman Hawaii 2012 then in March 2013, her racing career quickly came to a halt as she experienced severe “adrenal exhaustion” or HPA-Axis Dysfunction … really chronic fatigue that lead to “METABOLIC CHAOS”. After participating in 15 Ironman triathlons and qualifying for five Ironman Hawaii World Championships, she had to cancel her racing schedule in 2013 – and hasn’t been able to get her body to race again. Debbie shared her personal journey in her book “LIFE IS NOT A RACE”- as she was a low-carb fat adapted athlete who did fasted workouts, trained by MAF heart rates and metabolically efficient but she lived with chronic stress that broke her from the inside out. Now Debbie is on a mission to coach athletes how to become fat adapted with “The WHOLESTIC Method” elements and program.

As a coach, Debbie has been educated and trained over the years as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), Kion Coach (Ben Greenfield program), CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, USA Triathlon Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Metabolic Efficiency coach, Natural Running coach, Yoga, STOTT Pilates Mat, DNAFit Coach and soon a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN). She is a host of “The WHOLE Athlete” podcast (orginally FIT FAT FAST Podcast) as well as the author of the bestseller ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE’ and ‘The WHOLESTIC Method Manual & Workbook’.

Join our free meet up and seminar in Kona during Ironman week to to learn how to TRAIN THE WHOLE ATHLETE from the inside out with the WHOLESTIC Method to become a fat adapted, fit and healthy athlete!

Our goal is to spread the message of training for health, performance and longevity for the endurance athlete! Are you fit and healthy…or are you fit, fat and unhealthy? Is your training and racing schedule breaking you down from the inside out or are you improving your health? Focus on your future- train for performance and longevity!

Stay connected to gain tips how Train The WHOLE Athlete this off-season to improve your metabolic efficiency, metabolic flexibility and mitochondria optimization by registered for our free online webinar held on Wednesday October 30th 4pm to 6pm. Held at the Bike Works-Garmin pop up store.

Learn more from “The Prof” Dr. Paul Laursen (from www.plewsandprof.com) and Coach Debbie Potts in Ironman Hawaii and a new online webinar coming this October.

UCAN and friends of The Low Carb Athlete will be providing goodie bags to the first 50 registrants!

UCAN delivers smarter energy powered by SuperStarch®, a patented complex carbohydrate that delivers steady, long-lasting energy with no spikes and no crash. UCAN keeps blood sugar stable, and insulin levels muted, thereby allowing you to tap into your fat stores. Originally created for a child with a rare metabolic disorder, UCAN Energy Powders and Energy Bars with SuperStarch® are the go-to nutrition for over 80 colleges, 40 pro teams, Olympic marathoners, and elite triathletes including Tim O’Donnell. UCAN is a company built on purpose and passion. Learn more at generationucan.com and get the latest buzz in the UCAN world @GenUCAN on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. UCAN nutrition products are currently available in powder and bar format, in a variety of flavors, at 350+ specialty run, bike and tri stores around the country, at all Lifetime gyms, and can be purchased online at generationucan.com and on Amazon. #UCAN

The Fat Adapted Webinar Registration link on www.debbiepotts.net

Train the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method,

Debbie Potts

The Fat Adapted Athlete Coaching Program


Sponsors & Supporters:

  1. UCAN
  2. Keto Mojo
  3. STOKA bars
  4. FBomb nut butter
  5. Erin Carson of ECFit
  6. Simon Ward Triathlon Coach
  7. Rich Soares of Mile High Endurance
  8. Bike Works
  9. Garmin