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Cincinnati OH Tri-State MEAT Up at Eli’s BBQ!

Let’s get together at Eli’s BBQ in Cincinnati, Ohio! This local gem has 2 locations, one at Findlay Market and one at Riverside. We are meeting at the Riverside location (3313 Riverside Drive). This location has inside and outside seating, and it is first-come, first-serve, but 2 pm puts us at their slowest time of the day. So if we know you’re coming, we’ll save you a seat! Here’s the menu, if you like to plan ahead: https://www.elisbarbeque.com/menu
RSVP to Karen Burton at KarenSueBurton20@gmail.com

Low Carb For Better Health

Low Carb For Better Health 2024

Get more info at event website: https://lc4bh.com/

This is year 3 of Low Carb for Better Health! You will hear from some of the leading experts in the low carb, keto, and carnivore world. Coming together for one purpose, to empower you to improve your health.

This year is a 2 day event. Day 1: Registration, and VIP dinner with speaker panel Q&A. Day 2: Full day of talks on topics of the speakers choosings. You may purchase tickets for a single day or both. (No onsite tickets will be sold.) Can’t attend in persion? Purchase the event recordings and get all the great information to watch at your leisure.

We will again be at the beautiful Montogomery Bell State Park Lodge. It is truely a retreat like setting where you can get away from the rush of life. Group event code (discount coming soon). Camping or RV enthusiast? Stay at the park camp group.

Company 7 Bbq Englewood

Cincinnati OH Tri-State MEAT Up

February’s meeting will be on the northwest side of Dayton at Company 7 BBQ. Come enjoy some great BBQ (with or without sauce & sides 🙂 and enjoy the company of others traveling the low-carb lifestyle.

We have their small private room reserved for now, but can move to their larger banquet hall if we need more space, as long as we know we need it before someone else grabs it!

Please RSVP to Karen Burton at KarenSueBurton20@gmail.com so I can make sure we have enough room for us to be able to visit. See you there!

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Keto Pa-LOU-za 2024

Additional info at event website: https://www.ketopalouza.com

Nicknamed “The Keto Family Reunion”, Keto Pa-LOU-za is a Keto Conference like NO OTHER! The bonds you make at Keto Pa-LOU-za will forever change the way you go about your keto journey. There is NOTHING like coming together with a dedicated, enthusiastic, like-minded group of people, all committed to this way of life. Come join us!

Come enjoy games, prizes, giveaways, food, fellowship, and more at the fifth-annual

Keto Pa-LOU-za! And don’t forget your pen & paper, because our lineup of AWESOME speakers will definitely be giving some noteworthy presentations!

The Keto diet has made such a positive impact in our lives, and what better way to celebrate that than meeting other members of the Keto community face-to-face?!

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2kk Getaway – December 2024

Join the Rachel, Joe and the 2 Krazy Ketos family for a 6 night Caribbean adventure on the Oasis of the Seas while we cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Cococay, Jamaica and Labadee.

This is a fun way to hang out and get to know each other while enjoying a fun vacation. The purpose of the trip is to build community and hang out with some friends who want to encourage each other and build relationships. There are no speakers, mandatory meetings and absolutely NO KETO POLICE. There will be a conference room for some optional games and activities and we will dine together for dinner. The cruise is open to all people and you DO NOT need to be Keto to attend.

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Getaway with 2KK

Join Rachel, Joe, and the 2 Krazy Ketos family for a 4-day Caribbean adventure while we cruise from Ft Lauderdale to Cococay and Nassau, Bahamas.

This will be a fun way to hang out and get to know each other while enjoying a fun vacation. There are no speakers, no keto police. There is no mandatory meeting, just friendship.

There will be opportunities for dining together and some fun, optional games we can play at sea or in the evening.

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Info and registration at event website: https://cancerevolution.events/

The first virtual conference dedicated to metabolic, lifestyle, and nutritional therapies for cancer prevention and treatment. Speakers include Drs. Thomas Seyfried, Bruce Lipton, Jason Fung, Valter Longo, Nasha Winters, Zsófia Clemens, Colin Champ, Ben Azadi, Mindy Pelz, Satchin Panda, and dozens more.

– Stream CANCER/EVOLUTION: Join the World Premiere of Episode 1: The Dustbin of History
– Hear cutting-edge presentations & join live Q&As with 35+ leaders in the field of keto and metabolic cancer treatment
– Engage in community forums to connect with cancer practitioners, patients and caregivers
– Discover vetted products & services committed to healing

Lindsey and Nili

Utah Quarterly Keto MEAT-up (Q2 2024)

We are excited to announce our speakers for May 2024:

We started the Keto Salt Lake conference to bring speakers to our local community but lately, we’ve thought that a 2-day conference is not the best way to accomplish our goals. From 2017-2020, we hosted a monthly keto “MEAT-up” – we’ve been hesitant to start it back up again with all the restrictions and such, but for now, that all seems to be less concerning to many people. So we’re going to bring back the meat-ups with an enhanced format.

We will be doing the meat-ups on a quarterly basis, at least initially. We will be bringing in a speaker (or 2 if you’re lucky!) to talk to the attendees. Some will be relatively local, and some will be from far away, but they’re going to be awesome.

With most conferences, there are several presentations/talks from different speakers that come at you in rapid succession. We feel that this new format will give the attendees the ability to really focus on the specific message, and give attendees the option to maybe even talk one-on-one with the speaker while we’re all hanging around eating meat (we did mention SEVERAL times that it’s a MEAT-up).

Speaking of MEAT – I usually make Keto Chow sponsor some kind of meat for everyone to have. In the past, many of the attendees have enjoyed bringing fun keto/low carb/carnivore recipes to share with their friends.

I’m planning to set up a camera and live stream/record the presentations so that people far and wide can also enjoy them, again: for free (and stress-free-ish).

We’re hoping that the quality of the speakers, and the interval between the meetings, will make the meat-ups something special that people will want to make time for. I don’t know if it’ll be enough for people to want to travel across the country to attend but they can at least connect up and watch it with us.

So, if you are in the Salt Lake area (well, Draper, to be specific) or are willing to travel a bit, come join us. It’s going to be great.