Cruising with the Coaches

Come cruise with the Ketovangelist Coaching Team! This is a relaxing vacation with like-minded people. Hang out with us and see how we travel and stay keto. You are welcome to hang out with us – or not. Excursion with us – or not. Families and friends welcome. We will do a Q&A session on one of the sea days.

Please join our Facebook group and contact Ketovangelist Coach and Travel Agent Katrina Harris for current cruise rates and details.

Low Carb Houston

Low Carb Houston

We are excited to announce the 2nd Annual Low Carb Houston conference scheduled for October, 2019.  Building on last year’s outstanding lectures, our directors are working hard to organize a conference program and educational event that is even bigger and better than 2018.  Details and ticket sales for Low Carb Houston – 2019 are coming soon, but expect more speakers and a larger vendor presence.

Hosted by the Exercise and Nutritional Health Institute at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, the objectives of Low Carb Houston – 2019 remain unchanged; to objectively disseminate research evidence and clinical experience supporting the efficacy of a low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) lifestyle to improve health. Community members, medical doctors, scientists, and public policy makers are invited to attend the Low Carb Houston – 2019  Conference.

CME and CEU credit information will be released as it becomes available.

Adapt San Antonio, TX

On the road to health and weight loss success, every one of us hits a block. There are two options:
To give up and settle for less, OR… To ADAPT and change!

Join us for a full day of fun and low-carb education at ADAPT SAN ANTONIO, TX on October 19th. Dr. Eric Westman, (in partnership with Ali Miller, Cynthia Miller & Dr. Michael Garrett)

Topics include:

  • Insulin resistance, inflammation, and chronic metabolic disease and how they can be reversed.
  • Most effective and fastest way to lose weight and become a FAT burning machine!
  • How to control your sugar cravings by eating the right foods.
  • How to sustain the keto and low-carb diet long term.
  • How to get past a STALL. (Quickest way to kick start your metabolism)

People with amazing success stories will share their inspirational stories with you.
Book Purchase/Signing with Ali Miller.
Meet the speakers, make new friends, find support and enjoy a day of low carb education with us!

KetoCon 2019

Keto Con

KetoCon – The Science and Stories is an annual conference held in Austin, TX at the Palmer Event Center.

KetoCon’s mission is to educate and build community! And community is what forms when you bring together a passionate group of people, from all walks of life and from all around the world!

The science and stories of Keto, shared with you by Elite Athletes, Medical Professionals, Scientists, Educators, Researchers, Dietitians, Fitness Experts, Podcasters, Lifestyle Coaches, and Keto Product Manufacturers, all under one roof! Cutting-edge research, with an equal emphasis on how people are utilizing the ketogenic diet to take control of their health, and their lives.

Why should you attend KetoCon 2019?

There is no one-size-fits-all version of the Ketogenic Diet & Lifestyle! We all have unique needs and preferences. KetoCon is the absolute best place to meet like-minded people, learn strategies for success, and to gather all of the tools you need to support your health & fitness goals. You will be surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are equally passionate about improving their lives.

KetoCon 2019 promises to be equal parts mental stimulation, emotional satisfaction and a ton of fun!

Learn more about KetoCon: