We’re very excited to announce Metabolic Health Initiative’s Year in Review Ketogenic Metabolic Therapy Research eBook is now available for free download! This eBook was created to help you uncover some of the newest discoveries in this rapidly evolving and exciting field. The year 2020 was certainly one for the history books, but not just for the obvious impact of COVID-19. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, the science behind metabolic health and ketogenic metabolic therapies continued to make incredible progress, and @metabolichealthsummit is committed to sharing it!

Included in this free eBook you’ll find…

  • 100+ Highlighted Research Articles Published in 2020
  • A Quick Reference to Exciting Key Findings & Conclusions
  • Hyperlinks to Full Study Citations for Further Reading
  • A Variety of Topics Including Brain Health, Cancer, Athletic Performance, Healthy Aging, and so much more!
  • Gain access to this incredible content all in one place, at no cost to you!

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