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Keto Salt Lake 2021

Low Carb/Keto Salt Lake

Keto Salt Lake 2021 is going to be online, and FREE!

When asked in the past if we would do Keto Salt Lake as a virtual event, we always said “nope!” because the specifics of handling a virtual conference with vendors, ticket sales, and all that just… well they sounded terrible.

Then we realized that we could just do the entire conference for free via YouTube. No registration, no tickets, no fuss!

The exact date(s) of the conference are/is still to be determined based on the number of speakers we can line up and get pre-recorded. That’s another thing: instead of doing a live stream of the conference, we’re going to record all of the presentations, get everything all put together and run it as a “Premiere” – the benefits of going this route are that we won’t have to worry about technical difficulties AND the actual speakers will be able to join in on the live chat that’s happening during their presentations to answer questions and interact with viewers. We’ll also have an EXACT schedule!

In the interest of complete disclosure, there will not be any sponsors for this event; HOWEVER since Keto Salt Lake doesn’t have a YouTube channel, Keto Chow does, and Keto Chow employees + YouTube admins will be making sure trolls and griefers stay out of the comments, all of the conference will be on the Keto Chow YouTube channel. It should also be noted that much like the 2019 Keto Salt Lake videos (see below), the conference will all be run with monetization turned OFF and there won’t be any self-promotion going on (unless it’s a speaker and they’re saying “hey, check out my site or whatever for more info”).

2019 Live Stream Recordings

2019 Individual Presentation Recordings

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