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Keto Salt Lake 2020

Low Carb/Keto Salt Lake

Update – March 15: We are evaluating whether or not to postpone the conference. Utah has announced that there will be no meetings of 100+ people from March 16 to March 30. After that period passes we will make a determination to hold the conference as scheduled or to change it to a later date. There is no need for hasty or reactionary decisions, we’re all going to have a bunch of time of the next few weeks. We will be talking to the venue to get available dates later in 2020 and talking with the speakers to find dates that will work for their schedules during these two weeks. Expect another update after March 30.

Keto and Low Carb are blowing up here in Utah, with the power to transform people’s lives by changing the way they live, it’s something we want to share with those in our area. Come participate with your fellow ketonians in the second annual keto conference in Utah April 17-18, 2020 (8 am to 5 pm each day). Listen to inspiring speakers, make new friends, and enjoy getting together with the larger keto/low carb community! (by the way, did you know we have a monthly Meat-Up?)

We’re inviting some of the coolest keto companies to be part of this event, primarily ones that began right here in Utah. Seriously: when we discovered the 5th “keto bakery” was operating here in Utah, we decided it was absolutely essential we organize this conference and get everyone together!

The conference runs for 2 days so the speakers will have the time they need to fully share their presentations.

Somewhat related, on Wednesday, April 15 at 7 pm, we will be having a “meet and greet” with many of the speakers. It’s totally free and open to everyone. More info about that event can be found here.

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Meals during the conference: We will have coffee and water service available during the conference. The Miller Cafe will be open on Friday until 1pm in the “Culinary Arts” building – which is a short walk north of the building we are using for the conference. Their options for food that’s “keto-friendly” are rather limited so you might want to consider skipping lunch or going to a nearby restaurant instead (same thing for Saturday when the cafeteria is closed). Nearby restaurants include:

2021 dates: We already have the dates and venue for next year! We will be at Venue 6SIX9 on April 23 and 24, 2021.

2020 Final Speaker line-up:

Maria Emmerich Headshot Megan Ramos
Maria Emmerich Megan Ramos Dr. Adam Nally
Dr. Ken Berry Nurse Cindy Miller
Amy Berger, MS, CNS Dr. Ken Berry Cindy Miller, RN
Dr. Stephen Hussey Portrait David Harper Portrait Kim Howerton
Dr. Stephen Hussey Dr. David Harper Kim Howerton
Tara Finnerty portrait Dr Paul Mason Portrait Luis Villasenor Portrait
Tara Finnerty RDN, CKNS, CSP, CD Dr. Paul Mason Luis Villaseñor
Peter Ballerstedt Carrie Brown Portrait
Dave Feldman Dr. Peter Ballerstedt Carrie Brown
Sheryl Bingham Portrait
Sheryl Bingham, FNP-C

2020 Hosts/MCs:

2 Krazy Ketos Carrie Brown Portrait
Joe and Rachel Stauffer Carrie Brown

2020 Sponsors:

Keto Chow Sugar High Confections Nush Foods
Keto Chow Sugar High Keto Nush
Alterna Sweets Keto Cakes of Utah
Oh, hello! Keto Bakery AlternaSweets Keto Cakes Utah
The Keto Cookie Bennion Beef Bunker Hill Cheese
The Keto Cookie Bennion Beef Bunker Hill Cheese
Ujido Green Tea Chef Shamy Butter Omega Bun
Ujido Green Tea Chef Shamy Butter Omega Bun
Ogden Medical Weight Loss Clinic Keto Mojo Tibena
Ogden Clinic Keto Mojo Tibena

Here is the schedule for Keto Salt Lake 2020 (you may need to click the “look for more” link). If you would like to import this into your own calendar program/your phone you can use this link to access the “master calendar” or this link to download an iCal file for offline use – any changes or updates will show up there first. Here is an embedded version of the same calendar (for best results, switch to the “Agenda” view):

2019 Live Stream Recordings

2019 Individual Presentation Recordings

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