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The Meat-ing

I am hosting the MEAT-ING event with the goal of reversing the negative information spread regarding meat consumption today. People need to get educated in numerous aspects of this important topic. I believe this should be done with respect and knowledge. We are a large following who believe in this cause and in order to spread the word, I have invited speakers from all over the world for this two-day event.

The event will take place in the city of Malmoe in the Greater Copenhagen region.

The conference will cover meat from different perspectives. Anthropological, religious, farming, current affairs, climate, medical, nutrition and the opposite plant toxins. An important purpose of the event is to get media attention to this important topic due to the current misinformation regarding the meat industry.
David Bodiroza

The Low Carb Universe 2020

The Low Carb Universe 2020 is a 100% real food retreat, filled with knowledge from international health experts, connection, joy, movement, yoga, spa and more. It’s a more intimate event, offering you great access to likeminded people.

It’s a very interactive event, where lectures are mixed with workshops. This allows both speakers and guests to dive deeper into their selected topics.

Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies – Future Prevention &Treatment of NCD

The 2nd International Keto Live Conference in Switzerland – the 5-day event is certified with 86 CME Credits for doctors and 18 International Points for Dietitians and Nutritionists, plus 20 BANT-CPD Hours.
Each day is dedicated to one of the major NCD themes – Heart & CVD, Cancer, Diabetes & NeuroPsyicartic and Neurodegenerative diseases and their connection to Insulin Resistance.
Again Keto Live Project invited Scientists, Doctors and Dietitians to lecture and discuss the power of food and Ketogenic Metabolic Therapies as a powerful medical tool in the fight against Non-Communicable Diseases.
All Keto Coffebreaks, Lunches and Dinners are included in the Conference fee.
Follow the science join us in Bergün – Switzerland.