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A Keto Adventure

A Keto Adventure in Italy

Information and tickets at https://www.millevietravel.com/a-keto-adventure

Milan. Lake Como. Cinque Terre. Tuscany. Rome.
June 2-11, 2023

A collection of must-see stops for poets, artists, and lovers alike

Join international bestselling author and wellness expert Maria Emmerich for a fun and flavorful keto-friendly adventure, where you’ll delve into the connection between food and feeling through a series of intimate lectures on the ketogenic lifestyle – all paired alongside exquisite local tastings and rich historical landmarks.

Italy with Maria

Keto Italy Trip 2022

Tickets and Info: https://mariamindbodyhealth.com/italy-with-maria/

Oh how life has changed with Covid19. In many ways, my life is the same. We work from home, we already home schooled our boys, I cut my own hair, I prefer movies at home, I prefer to cook at home or a picnic over going to a restaurant. However, I missed exploring the World.

I love to travel and I have been very blessed to see many parts of the World. I can honestly say, my favorite trip ever was my Keto Italy Trips!

If you have missed traveling too, you must join me on the most amazing VIP Italy with Maria adventure 2022 with Millevie Travel!

That’s right! I have been asked to teach Keto while traveling the most beautiful areas of Italy and YOU are invited!