On the road to health and weight loss success, every one of us hits a block. There are two options:

To give up and settle for less, OR… To ADAPT and change!

Join us for a full day of fun and low-carb education at ADAPT ARIZONA on October 5th in Tempe where Dr. Eric Westman, (in partnership with local doctors, Dr. Adam Nally, Dr. Dorothy Sears, Dr. Helen Hilts, Dr. Ben Bocchicchio, Dr. Mona Morstein & Dr. Philip Wazny, will share the most up to date information on the therapeutic benefits of a low-carb keto lifestyle.

Learn how to get rid of inflammation & lose weight effectively. Learn how many chronic diseases are preventable and even reversible by eating the correct nutrition, (often more powerful than most medications that treat the symptom and not the cause).

Listen to amazing success stories from people that have had life-changing results of their own. How they were finally able to take control of their weight and their health, and how their obsessive food/sugar cravings became virtually nonexistent by adopting a low-carb “lifestyle”.

It’s time to ADAPT!

Price includes lunch.