Keto Summit 2020 Omaha

The Relevant Center 21220 Elkhorn Drive, Elkhorn

Interested in the ketogenic diet? You NEED to be at The Keto Summit. Don’t be confused by all the mis-information online, come hear from the experts. We’re featuring Medical Doctors and Experts in Ketogenic Nutrition. Topics will range from Keto for Kids, Women’s Health, Keto and Disease, and the overall Keto LifeStyle. How to get …


Keto Summit Omaha – Base Camp Series, May 2020

The Relevant Center 21220 Elkhorn Drive, Elkhorn

***100 ATTENDEE LIMIT CLASSROOM STYLE EVENT*** The Keto Summit Omaha was a huge success. We wanted to continue the momentum and create different experiences. Big events are fun, however we also believe in creating more intimate smaller events in a classroom style setting. This BASECAMP SERIES is targeted formal instruction and actionable plans. We will always have …