Low Carb Singapore 2020

Low Carb Singapore™ 2020 is an international conference organized by Cooking Inspired By Love, LLC for people in Singapore — and beyond — to learn the power of using real food to lose weight, reap anti-aging benefits, and ultimately, to reverse metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity (aka “diabesity”) and hypertension.

Singapore has one of the world’s highest diabetes-related leg amputations. One out of 9 people aged 18 to 69) has diabetes now. That’s about 11.3% of the population or more than 400,000 people! Diabetes is a chronic disease and, if not managed well, can deteriorate steadily to cause devastating complications such as limb amputations, blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure, and heart disease. Studies show that about half of patients already have diabetes-related complications at the time of diagnosis. [Credit: THE STRAITS TIMES]

How much does diabetes cost Singapore?

In 2010, Singapore spent more than S$1 billion on diabetes, a figure that’s expected to climb past S$2.5 billion by 2050. 42% of the amount is for medical treatment and the rest for indirect productivity-related losses. With these grim numbers, the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Singapore has Declared War on Diabetes.

Low Carb Singapore™ 2020 will support the MOH in their mission to improve the health of the people in Singapore affected by diabetes and its financial impact on the country’s health care system.

This conference seeks to educate on how eating real food in a low carb ketogenic context has been proven to improve these conditions. Eating real food with healthy fats and low carbohydrates helps the body to heal itself, helping to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, boost insulin sensitivity and improve metabolism.

By bringing a panel of international experts and a taste of delicious and authentic Singaporean food that is healthy, low carb and keto, this conference will support in the fight against diabetes and obesity, sharing proven science and methodologies — opening minds and delighting the senses!

Visit www.lowcarbsg.com for more info.