ADAPT MINNESOTA – Low Carb Keto Living in the 21st Century


Metabolic Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity, to name a few, are a crippling reality in our world today. Driven by rising obesity, Type 2 diabetes is among the most common of all chronic diseases with just over 29 million people in the US being diabetic. The affected population is growing fast, with nearly 2 million new diagnoses each year. The numbers are staggering and the consequences of uncontrolled blood sugar can be severe and even fatal.

On July 20th, the ADAPT Team & Dr Eric Westman are partnering with leading local doctors, Dr Sean O’Mara, Dr Tim Noonan, Dr Paul Ratte & Katie Newman to host an Educational One Day Event based on the most up to date Science on the therapeutic health benefits of a Low-Carb Keto lifestyle.

Our experts will share their extensive knowledge and years of experience with you on how to heal your body through a healthy eating lifestyle. Learn how many chronic diseases are preventable, and in many cases, even reversable, through Nutrition. Eating the proper nutrition is often more effective & more powerful than most medications, (which simply treat the symptom and not the cause). Listen to amazing success stories from people who’ve had life changing results of their own. Learn how they were finally able to take control of their lives to regain their health, and how their obsessive food/sugar cravings became virtually non existant by adopting a low carb keto lifestyle.

Together with Dr Westman, the ADAPT YOUR LIFE team is committed to educating, growing and supporting healthy communities around the world.

Join us for a fun filled day, meet the speakers in person, network with like minded people in your area, get inspired and be a part of this amazing and growing community.

It’s time to ADAPT!