Dr. Rohn Rigby has helped patients with medical weight loss in Layton for more than 7 years. He brings a wealth of informed medical expertise in helping patients discover healthier lifestyles. As a weight management expert, Dr. Rigby knows that a lower BMI means a greater connection to personal wellness. Ten years ago, Dr. Rigby himself was overweight and ended up in the ER from chest pains. He decided it was time to take control of his life, so he committed to his own unique regimen of healthier eating and activity. But the most important part of this story isn’t that Dr. Rigby lost some weight. It’s that he’s been there. He’s looked down at his belly and sighed in exasperation. He’s drooled over a piece of chocolate cake. He’s gotten on the seat of his bicycle and pedaled until his muscles ached. Dr. Rigby knows that with the right information and encouragement, anyone is capable of losing weight.

You might find Dr. Rigby pedaling his bike around Layton or spending time in the park with his family. He wants to help every patient learn that a healthy lifestyle means more than just a smaller number on the scale—it can mean stress relief, better sleep, and an improved human experience.