Dr. Nick Trujillo, is a Salt Lake City native who is board-certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine. Since the beginning, Dr. Trujillo has always carried a keen interest in understanding the complexity of human behavior. This led him to earning his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Utah State University. He then furthered his education at Touro University Nevada to receive his Osteopathic medical degree.

Near the end of his Family Medicine residency in Scottsdale AZ, he realized something critical was missing from his medical skillset. He had become well trained in diagnosing disease and prescribing medications but when it came to nutrition and true lifestyle interventions, he was left wanting much more. It was at this time he discovered and became certified by the Obesity Medical Association. Absolutely everything changed in the way he approached medicine from this moment on.

Dr. Trujillo moved back to Utah and has since created the Granger Metabolic Health & Weight Management Dept at Granger Medical Clinic. His practice focuses on intensive dietary and lifestyle interventions to reverse the common metabolic diseases that plague our society including: Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity and many more.