Dr. Bret Scher is a board certified cardiologist, having completed his cardiology fellowship at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla CA, his internal medicine residency at Mercy hospital in San Diego, and his medical school training at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Scher has been a practicing cardiologist for fifteen years and has seen thousands of people suffering from cardiovascular disease.  Unfortunately the vast majority of the diseases he has treated were completely preventable. The problem is that our narrative and our teachings are the right ones for success. That is why Dr. Scher believes a low carb lifestyle should be an option for everyone as a tool to transform their health. But health doesn’t stop with nutrition. Fitness, stress, sleep and social connections also play vital roles.

Dr. Scher has gone beyond traditional medical training and obtained certifications in functional medicine, behavior change, nutrition, and personal training. He also has started www.LowCarbCardiologist.com, authored Your Best Health Ever, and hosts The Diet Doctor Podcast. This has allowed him the opportunity to reach and educate thousands more people than he ever could in his office practice and helped him further his goal of promoting health and dramatically reducing the plague of chronic disease we face in the world today.