Carrie Brown is a trained pastry chef who struggled all her life with Bipolar 2 and depression. She found her way to the ketogenic way of eating by doing research. Using a combination of keto and supplementation she has rid herself of all medications for and symptoms of Bipolar 2 and depression. She now has dedicated her life to showing people that keto food is not only healthy, but it can be the BEST kind of food there is. Carrie has authored many cookbooks and blogs at

Here’s a few cliff-notes from her blog: British American living in Connecticut, having been a Seattle resident for 17 years. Loves eating. Has an accent like crack. Goes on {very} long, crazy road-trips regularly. Lives with a couple of large cameras, a pile of cats (Zebedee, Daisy, and Mr. McHenry. RIP Chiko, Dougal, Florence, and Penelope), and a ridiculous amount of cocoa powder. Has a propensity for driving on anything that even vaguely resembles a dirt road – especially if it is not marked on a map. Thinks leeks are the finest vegetable on earth. Adores daffodils. Dreams about eating expeditions in Paris & Bruges. Couldn’t do a push-up if her life depended on it. Driving solo for 14 hours straight is pretty much nirvana-on-wheels to her. Wears a lot of black & white…that’s how her brain works too. Likes to get up at 4 am to photograph the sunrise and be first in line for breakfast. Believes that chia seeds are proof that God exists. Goes completely gaga over the scent of roses. Is known for her disarming honesty and openness: She says it how it is. Especially about herself. Just to be clear though, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns.