In July 2017, Autumn completely transformed her life, health, and her diet. After a lifetime of being overweight, unhappy, and hopeless, she sought guidance from the most knowledgeable being on the planet. Google. Basically, she just Googled “food to help you feel better”, as she was suffering from yet another flare-up, following her diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease in 2015. On that day, Autumn fell down an internet wormhole and learned everything she could about how to start the Ketogenic Diet. From there, her life was never the same. Keto has taught Autumn that it is possible to gain control, eat nutritiously, enjoy food, and live at a healthy body weight. She uses her YouTube platform, Watch Autumn Keto, to help others achieve those same possibilities. In 2021, Autumn founded the keto apparel brand Keto Strong, so she could share her love of keto with the world, and help others do the same. She is also the founder and host of Keto Pa-LOU-za, an annual Keto conference in her hometown of Louisville, KY. During her downtime, Autumn enjoys playing bingo, watching TV, and hanging out with her amazing husband, Richard.